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What are the important things to consider when planning a perfect classic living room?

“The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease-temple of the soul”- Terrence Conran

One of the most important places in any home, the space where families enjoy moments of togetherness, the area where friends gather to enjoy the fun of life, the main arena of every property –a living room, has to be given utmost importance when designing and furnishing. The skillful team of designers, architects, tailors and experts of various other fields of Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains offer unique solutions, personalized handiwork to create fascinating sphere within! With the widest range of blinds, sofa & upholstery materials, carpets & flooring solutions, cushions, wallpapers, panel tracks, shutters and sunbed mattresses, this notable shop with an impressive range of materials is truly remarkable!

Every living room reflects the style of the family living in, hence it needs to be ideally decorated to add warmth to life. Ideas of decorating it should be considered only after evaluating the space so as not to make it over-crowded or cramped up. Budgetary limits, preferred colours, furnishing opted and accessories that need to be included should be discussed with the family before entrusting it to professionals. With years of experience in this field and innumerable satisfied customers to their credit, the team of Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains suggests the following, to design the ideal classic living room

  • Planning the ultimate destination after a detailed analyses of the clients’ lifestyle. As easy as it might sound, the designers have to consider the pros and cons of every colour, material and style before finalizing the style of furnishing. Every nook and corner has to be carefully laid out in patterns that reflect their preferences and the seating capacity too has to be taken into account
  • Quality products, unique furniture pieces that can withstand the effects of time ensures topnotch value for money. In areas where kids interact, dark and multi-hued upholstery that can be cleaned effortlessly is to be considered. Aesthetic preference, lastingness of it and styles that match the area where pieces of art or furniture are to be installed need to be carefully considered for an appealing look combined with functionality
  • Welcoming natural light through windows amidst curtains of various shades, floral printed or plain ones, blinds and electronic curtains, the options are innumerable. Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains has the best collection of it and is the #1 blind supplier too, in Dubai. Importance can be given to lights of various designs in sculptural notes to enhance the aesthetics indoors. Considered to be the best roller blind shop in Dubai, interested parties can contact these professionals to learn more about it and to check out their exceptional collections.
  • Sizing larger rugs in the living space gives it an enlarged feel. From making a bold statement to heightening the beauty of the flooring area, rugs play a vital role in creating a classic touch. Carpets and flooring in colours, designs and styles that far exceed the expectations of designers globally are offered here.
  • A majestic coffee table right in the centre of the living room is indeed a timeless attractive piece. Accent tables that are equally functional, picks from vintage shops are the best.
  • Scatter pillows can accentuate the room effortlessly. Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains has a commendable collection of cushions in the widest range of colours, patterns and textures. The team here can make customized cushions too at economic rate
  • Adding personality to the room with quirky elements, funky furniture or unique pieces of art makes the living room interesting. The experts here offer handmade carpets and unique ones as well as impressive flooring solutions to add that zing to the space at cost-effective rates.

The power of engaging experts to handle decorations within a home or office guarantee miraculous makeover. From decorating a room that befits the luxuries of the family to redoing it combining the elements of modernism and classicism or custom, beauty and functionality are amassed by these veterans in the field to create sheer wonder! Managing clientele globally and meeting their demands and requirements effectively, team Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains is considered numero uno in this field. This distinguished shop with a remarkable contingent eager to be of service, offers unique ideas and suggestions that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Termed the best curtain shop, roller blinds supplier as well a topnotch emporium with the widest collection of blinds, sofa & upholstery, carpets & flooring, cushions, wallpapers, panel tracks, shutters and sunbed mattresses, Dubai offers more than the regular known fare!

These experts know that “Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness!”

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