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Home Décor Trends

Home décor trends keep changing like your Fashion Trends. It’s always very important to be wise while choosing your Home décor items since most of the items cannot be changed often. From fashion to design, color, and more, it seems like trends come in and out of style before we get a chance to enjoy them. So, it would be great if you can create a Timeless Home décor for your Home or Office space. Above all, your interior space constitutes your mood swings most of the times. Home décor trends are shaping up to be a lively, approachable blend of warmer takes on tried-and-true colors and natural materials and finishes. You might be researching on the latest home décor trends or you might be even planning for a DIY to bring out a unique pattern. From fabrics to furniture to fixtures and fittings, it's all on display in High Point.

People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. In keeping with the organic theme, many furniture companies are showcasing new, lighter finishes for wood items. These washes better play up the wood grain and provide a striking contrast to bolder upholstery. There is a growing desire for lighter, airier spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.

There is also an interesting progress in people’s interest in fixtures from local artist and small businesses alike to create unique environments. Artisan fixtures with a hand-crafted feel will better personalize your home, and like natural elements, they’ll help shift the eye’s focus around the room to create a comforting and inviting feel.

The resurgence of dome or mushroom lamps has got into the frame. The trend is jumping on the bandwagon and vintage models are becoming harder to find. Some find antique pieces timeless.

There were dusty pastel tones, there were deep jewel hues. We've followed the full-color spectrum in recent years, but this year, we're loving bold primary colors: Bold rusty reds, deep indigo blues, and bright mustard yellows are at the forefront of the latest décor collections. There is also a keen interest in the shade, a very pure white that does not have any grey in it, and therefore gives a very luminous feel to the room. Softer whites, like dove grey, to warm up the modern spaces are also in the trend. Basically, we are going away from the cold whites of the last few years.

For years, kitchens have been minimalistic and simple, clean, and almost clinical. There is a wave of more personalized kitchen designs, ones that feel collected and blend seamlessly with over living spaces in the home which includes vintage rugs, open or glass cabinets with cookbooks, collected dish wares and other pieces from travel. Many are also beginning to incorporate colored cabinets in kitchens while moving away from all-white cabinetry. Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry in black and colors like deep or grey-washed blues and greens is in high demand. These are being beautifully paired with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals.

Try to elevate the space as a whole with subtle textured wallpaper. It's only fitting that a wider palette for wallcoverings should go hand-in-hand with a keener eye for art. And yes, that means saying goodbye to your "live, laugh, love" signs, please. "Signs like 'dream' or 'romantic' make your room feel the exact opposite—any room with those signs is not a dream anymore. Commit to a wallpaper you love, and yes, you can put art or photographs on that wallpaper. Doing this will create a room that feels uniquely yours, and not store-bought. The classic decorating trend has been around since the beginning of time, florals have been thoroughly refreshed and modernized. And you too will soon enough see floral patterns in a new light. Decorators expect to find exaggerated proportions, playful scales, and contrasting colors to make this timeless decor pattern feel refreshed. Designers have begun to give attention and mindfulness to what is above and below us. There is an advancement in attention to detail, and not just through the living room but throughout the whole home or office space. The main concern regarding the floor is about Wine stains, paw prints, or kids' messes. Companies have developed floors than can easily scrub out all these stains and this comes to be the prior factor than trend and style.

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