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The Best Type of Blinds That Make Your House Beautiful

From enhancing the beauty of interiors to creating privacy to heightening the aesthetics and controlling light interiors, blinds are inevitable in every household. Al Nibras is the premier one-stop-shop offering bespoke designs in curtains, upholstery, blinds, cushions, panel tracks, shutters and sunbed mattress. Timeless designs, unrivalled workmanship by our tailors and efficient designers guarantee the best for our clients.

We offer complete solutions from start to finish at clear rates and guarantee total satisfaction.  Our professional-run company with years of trusted service in this field has been the most preferred destination in UAE. From homes to offices, residential complexes and commercial buildings, we have brightened up the spaces and our experts have delivered total solutions.

A beautiful house where you can relax after an endless day’s ordeal, the place you look forward to, to enjoy the companionship of loved ones, the place where you unburden the hassles can be done to perfection we deliver dreams and our accomplished team delivers consistency. Trust Al Nibras to create the best homes using topnotch products and the designers here deliver contentment.

One has to consider the following points when beautifying the homes

  • Welcoming natural light with the use of sheer curtains on doors and windows is a wonderful idea. By layering of materials and textures, one can easily create a fresh new haven. Roller blinds are apt solutions wherein one can adjust or control the light and it also provides optimum privacy, as and when needed. Blinds can be the cynosure of the room. The various types in aluminium and fabric offered by us give you a chance to beautify your room with patterns and prints or you can also customize it with a laminated version
  • Roman Blinds made from fabric can be customized accordingly. With a cord going through the myriad slats or pleats, these blinds made of cotton or silk or synthetics can be folded into pleats neatly by pulling the cord. We have an exclusive collection of florals, bold patterns and monotones to make the space livelier
  • Panel Blinds are ideally designed for patio doors, sliding glass doors, French windows and oversized windows. Large fabric panels in colours and materials that befit the space are mounted to the wall or ceiling. These panels can be slid to and forth on a track to control the light and privacy, and can also be stacked without hindrance issues. Simply decorative, these pleated shades are perfect for different sized and shaped windows
  • Vertical Blinds made of plastic or tough fabric are clipped to a sliding track on the top. It can be operated with a plastic chain or wand, usually. Immensely popular, it can be combined with sheer-like lighter coloured curtains too or different hued blinds can be arranged beautifully to dramatise the space
  • Venetian Blinds or window blinds are horizontal slacks in plastic or hard fabric which can be swiveled to control privacy and light. These blinds are highly recommended for use in areas where there is harsh sunlight
  • Motorized Blinds with vertical or horizontal slats can be operated from the comfortable space with a remote control or smart phone. Team Al Nibras offers these unique and highly innovative blinds in a wide range of colours and materials. They are durable, sturdy and easy to operate
  • PVC Blinds or Polyvinyl Blinds are ideal for windows where humidity is high. From windows in kitchen areas to the balcony spaces and bathroom leeway, it is easier to maintain. It offers the perfect covering solution  
  • Wooden Blinds made of seasoned wood can effectively withstand weather changes. These horizontal wooden slats in natural shades are magnificent and when fully raised to the top, one can have a full view of the outside.

Decorating homes are fun and fulfilling and selecting the right solution is an involving task. With the widest range of materials, colours, textures as well as manual and automatic curtains offered here, you will enjoy every interactive session with our professionals. Creating uniqueness, dressing up the doors and windows with a touch of sophistication, brightening up the spaces with multitude colours in floral, chequered, plain or dark shades, we are here to analyse your requirements and deliver prompt solutions. Modern houses in different styles can be decorated as one’s demands and requirements from the vast range of collection by Al Nibras. Setting benchmark in styles, materials, designs, colours and textures, the impressible collection is worth checking out. We have an outstanding team of designers, tailors, stylists and technicians offering our expertise to enhance your homes. Whatever be your idea, trust us to integrate it with our reliable solutions and materials to recreate the charm and functionality.  

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