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Simple Wall Decor Idea to Refresh Your Space

“Even paradise could become a prison if one hadn’t enough time to notice of the walls”- Morgan Rhodes

Yes, we create walls that are not just barriers but real beautiful space to display art, to offer optimum privacy, walls that are bright enough to notice it or rather statement walls with beautiful amalgamation of strength, vibrant colours, artistic and striking! Al Nibras has a wonderful team of designers, tailors and dedicated workers who delivers consistency. With our shop in Sharjah offering breathtaking collection of soft furnishing, carpets, wall papers and blinds, your choice is unlimited. We have the right workforce to deliver your dreams.

Our walls tell stories and we make it the principal space to lay all eyes on, in every house/office. Drab to fab, we blend style, sophistication and uniqueness. We have exceptional collection of everything a designer dreams of, in Dubai and our curtain shop in Sharjah is the A-1 destination to reimagine spaces! Al Nibras proffers A to Z solutions pertaining to curtains, carpets, upholstery work, flooring and wall-papers. Renowned Forest Curtain Racks we have put in the markets are synonymous with strength and durability. 

We convert the non-descript walls to acclamation statements by making it an ideal place to

  • 1. Display Art which is oversized and attractive to make the walls, centres of attraction. Bright, bold and coloured paintings for the large walls and monochrome paintings or magnified pictures of precious family moments, walls can be real story tellers!
  • Creating an arcade using simple connected frames makes each wall the topic of conversation, every time. Memorable moments, artistic drawings/paintings or floral images, creating an album on the walls from floor to ceiling heighten its appeal
  • Accent the wall using bright colours, images and abstract shapes. One can customize it as per one’s ideas or trust Al Nibras team to decorate it brightly. Beautiful walls in vibrant colours with multiple images enhance décor
  • Incorporate Fabric as tapestries or framed colourful images on fabric brings in a remarkable makeover. Walls in pastel shades get a vibrant change with these framed wonders of silk or cotton materials
  • Ever-dependable mirrors do not just reflect your attitude but also create illusions. Mirrors on walls are specially recommended for smaller areas as it bring in virtual reality. Full-sized mirrors or oversized ones bring in positivity, reflecting natural light
  • Painting murals on the walls actualizes uniqueness. Hand-painting it or designing the walls with wallpapers, our specialists can help you out
  • Floating shelves on the walls are not just space-savers but also help in storing quirky articles and collectibles. One can easily change the ideas on a regular basis and add more figurines on it, store books or display handiwork.
  • Install wire plate hangers to display/store the varieties of plates one has in the shelves. Convenience is the key here and is especially suited for smaller areas with storage problems
  • Bringing greener indoors using wall-mounted planters. Eco-friendly, it accentuates the power of greenery. However one has to be careful to use it only in areas with sufficient sunlight
  • Adhesive mural art and wallpapers can bedeck the walls infinitely. Bright and bold designs for larger wall areas and subtle, paler shades for smaller ones reimagine the whole room. Al Nibras has a fabulous collection of wallpapers to adorn any space and our experts are eager to be of service
  • Wall paneling recreates the power of wood without issues of being overtoned. Available in multiple shades and sizes, one can mix and match or go for subdued tones or brighten up the walls in darker shades, the choice is all yours!
  • Hanging calendars and maps are not just useful, but innovative too. Vibrant colours of the map gives every wall an interesting twist while the bright tones of the oversized calendars help you remember the dates and incidents
  • Textured walls are the in thing and offered by leading paint manufacturers globally. Their professionals amplify the style quotient manifolds. Suitable for all types of walls, it dramatizes the spaces

Al Nibras professionals understand the various demands and requirements of their clients and deliver solutions at competitive rates. The most reliable manufacturer and dealer of multitude interior design articles and decorative furnishing, approach us to refurbish your home/office. In sync with the fast-changing demands of interested parties, we offer motorized curtains, curtain alterations as well as curtain stitching and installation at nominal rates. Our dedicated specialists recreate interiors positively. We have Forest Curtain Racks to strongly support the heaviest curtains and being the #1 provider of all upholstery work, you can contact us without inhibitions. Our motorized curtains are synonymous with convenience as it can be operated with a remote control.  Our flooring solutions are reliable and durable and our laminate flooring is the talk of the town, people just love it! Your ideas are our inspiration. Contact us to know more.

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