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Incredible modern curtain ideas for your living room in Dubai

Your living room is surely the heart of your sweet dwelling.  From a cup of coffee to a personal tête-à-tête, a lot happens in your living room.

That’s why it deserves the most attention when it comes to interior décor. Though modern artifacts, paintings, carpet, and furniture plays an important role in filling up your living room with warmth and elegance, curtains are what draw maximum attention as they occupy a large area.

A right pair of curtains in your living room takes its style quotient at a whole new level.  If you are wondering which is the right pair of curtain and what curtain trends are making rounds then Al Nibras Carpets and Curtains, the Blinds and Curtains Supplier in Dubai will surely help you out. Here, we have come up with a detailed list of incredible modern curtain ideas that will your living room a whole new look and feel.

Don’t mind overlapping

Overlapping may not sound convincing all the time. But overlapping your curtains is something that you will never regret doing. It gives extra bout of style and panache to your regular curtains and makes your living room stand out without making any mistake. 

Velvety velvet

Velvet is a very rich fabric and you must include it in your living room to have a classy and elegant look. For a modern-looking living room, the ideal way to bring a velvety vibe is to use velvet curtains.

Keep the wall light and use a darker tone of velvet color paired with some lighter shade. The outcome will surely leave you in awe. Make sure you are not using monotone in velvet if you are going for a darker shade.

Hold them right

A pair of simple and elegant looking solid color curtains can look extra gorgeous if you find the right way to hold them. You can use curtain rings made from wood or metal for an exquisite look. Using two-tone curtains works wonder in this curtain styling scheme.

Also, you can use a separate hook just to tuck the lower part of the curtain. This type of curtain tucking looks gorgeous too.

Add ruffle fun

You can turn any ordinary-looking curtain into a modern interior work-of-art by sewing ruffles. You can either sew ruffles on the sides or in between depending on the gorgeousness you want. Trust us. This simple change will make a huge difference.

Grab valances

Don’t want to show off your curtain fittings?

Add valances. Though their purpose of existence is purely decorative, adding them on top of your regular curtains gives your living room a whole new, chic, and gorgeous look which was missing. As it’s a sewing-free process, you can easily do-it-yourself.

Mix blackout and sheer

So, you want complete blackout at a different time and some sun rays at a different time in the same living room?

Well, you can easily get them by mixing blackout and sheer curtains. For this, you may need two curtain rods fixed at a slightly different height from each other.

Make sure you are choosing the right shades. Dark grey with white, beige with brown, and dark blue with steel grey looks fabulous. Using this curtain styling in your living room, you can get the right amount of light at the right time.

White farmhouse curtains

The love for white is not going to fade away. If you want to keep things simple yet striking then white farmhouse type of curtains are the ideal pick for your modern Dubai living room. You can go innovative with the fabric. As for a luxury look, you can go for silk or satin while for a contemporary feel sheer works well.

Roman-style curtain

You can never go wrong with roman pattern curtains. Whether you want to bring vividness in your living room with a pinch of class or want to have a minimalistic feel, this curtain styling always does magic.

Say yes to tropical curtains

If you have a small living room but you want to bring an open-air or lively feel in it then tropical printed curtains are your only hope. Put them on your big living room’s windows as enjoy the airy and fresh feeling.

Before we go…

Thinking to re-decorate your living room in its entirety? Don’t make much fuss; just get the right pair of curtains. Beautifully hung curtains can give your living room a whole room without asking tons of effort from your end. 

These modern curtain ideas are surely the best bet. However, make sure you are buying your right pair of curtains from a trusted source only as this is the only way to get quality at affordable pricing.

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