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How to pick beautiful curtains that perfectly match your dream home?

“Hang curtains. They make a room seem finished. Think of them as the lipstick of decorating”- Peter Dunham

Al Nibras brings new dimensions to the elegance of every home/office, with the widest collection of curtains, in fabulous colours and prints to enhance the décor and enliven the space. The ideal place to meet your requirements in the fields of carpets and curtains, their assortment is worth checking out! The widest range of products in exemplary colours, choices and materials are sure to give wings to your dreams of recreating the charm of your home/office.

The progress of curtains from mere window dressing to the most important adornment for rooms and windows has never been a simple one. Glamourizing the rooms, it also contributes to matters of privacy, warmth and energy savings. Trust Al Nibras, the #1 curtain shop in Dubai to deliver uniqueness through their extensive collections in distinctive designs and patterns and exclusive materials. This one-stop shop offers readymade curtains for instant changeover and the materials in which they are presented can convert the rooms to a vibrant space, immediately. With specialists in every field here, including designers and tailors, creating an out-of-the-ordinary interiors is not a Herculean task. Truly budget-friendly, readymade curtains in different size options can be hung directly, and one need not rely on tailors or fitters for it. The made-to-measure curtains on the other hand, can be personalized. With every home/office having windows and doors of varied sizes, these specialized curtains can be designed to add a dash of vibrancy. One can select appropriate colours and materials and our tailors as well as designers help you choose the perfect material, colour combinations and measurements.

The best curtain shop in Dubai, Al Nibras help you in putting a stamp of exclusiveness to your curtains through added features like additional lining in vibrant hues, tie-backs and headings. The bespoke look welcomes one and all. Custom curtains can be designed in multitude fabrics and our experts help you with quality services at competitive rates. From selecting the apt colour, material, prints, design and measurements to proffering services that exceed your expectations, trust us totally. Our rates are nominal too.

Al Nibras has a team of the best curtain makers in Dubai who guarantee nothing, but the best for every customer. Designing uniqueness through French pleats, where the labour is extensive, but the charm is unmatched as the elegant folds give every door and window a truly dressed-up look, our clothiers understand your needs. Strong and beautiful curtain headings for optimum attractiveness; eyelets that are unfussy, contemporary aesthetic and pleated; Pencil or Single-fold neat pleats, usually recommended for office and bedroom spaces; and curtain linings designed after analyzing and assessing the need of every room, experts here are trained to deliver topnotch service.

Sheer curtains, usually in voiles, bring in a softer look to the room and it filters sunlight without barring it. Being transparent and airy, available in various shades in lace, patterned, net and plain designs, it convert the room to a spacious atmosphere. Well-suited for smaller spaces, drapes in cotton and silk are also available here. Regulating the light is easier with black-out curtains made from foam-backed opaque materials. It filters the light in summers and traps the heat in winters. Specialists here suggest these curtains for rooms with television and home-theatres.

Privacy gets a whole new dimension with the use of layered curtains. Al Nibras is the A-1 motorized curtain shop dealer in Dubai offering the widest range of solutions. Layered curtains combined with blinds balance light and privacy factors, but are heavy. Rollers, Roman and Venetian blinds help in blocking the heat of sunlight, thereby ensuring a fair savings of energy. With motorized curtains, one can control the light filtering in, through remote controllers too, without the strain of personally moving these heavier materials from the warmth of your space. Convenience and comfort merge beautifully!

Teaming Curtains and Blinds not only heightens the appeal but also creates an illusion of higher ceiling. This stylish, aesthetic and bold look can be dramatized by coordinating patterns. Al Nibras is the best roller blinds supplier in Dubai delivering reliable solutions without pinching your pockets. Experts here with years of experience and umpteen satisfied customers guarantee total satisfaction and true value for money. Roller blinds of renowned companies make operating and maintaining it effortless. The solutions offered here are long term investments. With the choicest designs in scores of colours and umpteen materials, interested parties can choose the ideal curtains, rollers and drapes to add warmth to their living spaces.

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