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How motorized Blinds Work and What are Their Benefits?

“Behind the curtain’s mystic fold,

The glowing future lies unrolled”- Neil Gaiman

Curtains, the multifunctional movable drapes have got a complete makeover here, at Al Nibras. These experts offer the widest range of curtains in excellent range of materials, textures, prints, colours and styles. Amalgamating innovative ideas, functionality, convenience and style, customers are welcomed to select the best, as per their demands and requirements. In sync with the fast-changing world of designs and demands, draperies are inimitable in every living space, homes, offices and other buildings. Relied on to filter light, ensure privacy, enhance the beauty of interiors and create a melodramatic effect, curtains in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, colours and patterns are offered in this exclusive shop.

In view of this fast-paced world where every second is used for multitasking, curtains too have undergone a complete metamorphosis. Motorized curtains are the #1 choice to make homes and offices smarter. Well-suited for larger windows and ventilation spaces, these curtains can be moved, adjusted or drawn completely without moving an inch from the comfort of your sitting/relaxing space. Operated via a motor, it is easy to control and maintain too. With no lift cords and chains, these pieces of alluring sophistication make home smarter, offices brighter and totally user-friendlier.

Home automation and motorized window treatments enable users to move these drapes and shades in harmony with other smart sub-features like light, music, heating or cooling systems. The A-1 Curtain shop in Dubai, solutions offered here are truly outstanding.  Synonymous with exceptional efficiency, quiet motorized systems for interiors in various dimensions, colours and styles are the specialty of Al Nibras. Recommended for one and all, it can be controlled via a smartphone or remote control. The advantages of these smart drapes are worth going through as they are perfectly aligned and durable

  • Controlling the curtains remotely from any comfortable space interiors is a noteworthy point. With harsh summers due to global warming affecting everyone adversely, the convenience of controlling the amount of light that should seep in, is simply awesome. Relaxation gets new meanings!
  • Programmable curtains heighten the use. Opening and closing draperies as per the settings on smartphone welcomes one to the room and helps maintain privacy as and when required. The roller blinds equipped with motorized mechanisms warrants convenience unlimited
  • Customizing scenarios to suit one’s lifestyle is an added advantage. A smartphone/remote is all one needs to heighten the comfort factors. Roman Blinds in silk, cotton and synthetics can be customized in motorized blinds
  • Centralised control feature makes it easier to operate the draperies from any place. It can be set on the smartphone or remote control to rein a peaceful atmosphere
  • Energy Savings is guaranteed as the air conditioner can operate efficiently without harsh side effects of sunlight. In winters, sunlight can be welcomed inside, thereby reducing heater and illuminating charges. Dual functions of a motorized curtain in soft materials and as venetian blinds make it immensely appealing
  • Home protection from break-in, especially when one isn’t at home make these motorized blinds immensely useful for homes and offices. With the window treatments automatically moving, strangers are led to believe that there are people inside, deterring burglars
  • Clean, modern & innovative, they add sophistication to the area. Motorized drapes are attached to a motorized rod, track or roller and hence it can be lifted, lowered, traversed to the left or right with just a smartphone/remote. Often in different materials including wooden blinds, it is 100% unique
  • Customizable in every aspect, these motorized blinds offered in a wide range of fabrics, materials, colours and styles can be designed to suit the various types of windows in multitude shapes. Even the hardware and fabrics of these motorized draperies can be customised to enhance the style quotient. The retro wooden venetian blinds are not just pleasing to the eyes, but are easier to maintain too
  • Quiet precision movement as the motors are tuned to perfection. Controllable via smartphones, apps and remote, it is designed with multiple stopping points
  • Motors can be powered by batteries or electricity and hence is ideal for instant installation without the hurdles of wires and power points. Safe, efficient and effortless, these motorized solutions are perfect in areas with kids and pets as well
  • Windows, doors or ventilators get a whole new dimension with its sheer beauty, style and performance. Combining sheers with drapes and heightening the looks by amalgamating styles, one can innovate ideas.

The best curtains and blinds shop in Dubai, Al Nibras is a comprehensive store delivering immaculate solutions. The team of dedicated designers, tailors and workers proffer topnotch solutions at economic rates.  

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