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Gorgeous Living Room Decoration Ideas with Stylish Curtains and Blinds in Dubai

Windows are a very important part of your home interior. They are not only the only source of air and sunlight in your house but also give you a way out to add a pinch of class and elegance in your home décor by decorating them with the right pair of curtains and blinds.

When done right, curtains and blinds make your living room stand out and own a style statement that stands second to none. Using them as per the latest trends and styling method, it is surely possible turn your living room into an artistic piece. However, finding the right and trendy curtain and blind style is not easy.

Al Nibras Carpets and Curtains Dubai will help you with that.

You may never notice, but trends in the interior designing industry change as fast as it changes in the fashion industry. To make things easier, we have come up with a few latest and trendy curtain and blind ideas that you can use in Dubai and give your living room a whole new look without burning cash.

Go oversize

Gone those days when your curtain used to be just an extra inch long from windows. Now, tall curtains are in fashion.  In fact, some homeowners prefer using curtains from ceiling to floor to give their small living room a bigger look.

When you think to opt for this option, make sure the color of curtains and walls are complementing each other. With a bold wall, light-colored curtains go well and vise-a-versa.

Drape your window

There are a lot of things to play with your imagination and give your living room a whole new look with the least possible efforts and adding drapery over windows is amongst one of them.  This type of window treatment looks extra gorgeous and gives a whole new & fresh look to your living room. The added drapery surely grabs your attention and gives your space a lively and vivid feel in no time.

Get sunshine without making any compromise on your privacy

So, you are yearning for some sunshine but afraid of losing your privacy then rattan blinds are here for your rescue?

Without making a pin-drop compromise on your privacy, these blinds let you room lit with ample sunshine. They are the right choice for a light-filled living room.

Take blinds and curtains on board together

You like the soft touch of curtains but the rustic touch that blinds bring is also lure you equally. In this case, choosing one between these two can be a tough job for you.

Well, what if there is no need to pick one? Yes, you read it right.

You can use curtains and blinds together. And trust Al Nibras, the Best Curtain Shop in Dubai ; the outcome will leave you mesmerizing. You can put sheer or net curtains over your roller or honeycomb blinds. Make sure you are not keeping the color and patterns of curtains and blind the same.   

Love for prints never fades

Prints attract us always. Print in curtains is a very common trend. But print in blinds is something which is neither common nor ordinary. Printed Roman shades are an ideal way to add pattern and texture in your living room.  A neutral tone print will lure anyone who wants minimalistic yet modern styling in the living room. We are in love with the way the printed blinds filed this room with grace and warmth.

Bring the tussle-factor

To give your faux wooden blinds a more rustic and authentic feel, you can add tussles on the side. Once done, they look very attractive and grab all the eye-balls.

Frill it up

To give your ordinary curtains an extra-ordinary look, just add a bit of frill on the top.  It gives a romantic and cozy feel to your living room. For a luxury look, you can use soft silk or velvet fabric for this purpose.

Show some love for shutters

Window shutters are kind of blinds that you need for a cut-above window styling. They give an easy-breezy feel to your living room and feel it with positivity. If you have a garden view from your living room’s window then these shutters will do wonders in your living room.

The Conclusion

The living room is one of the most happening places in your home. Hence, it deserves nothing but best. Whether you pick curtains, blinds or decide to go along with both, make sure you are choosing as per the latest trend. A leading curtain and blind supplier in Dubai will help you find out the exact match for your room. With various curtains and blind options, they will make you a proud homeowner in no time.

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