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Al Nibras Preparation to Fight against the Pandemic COVID-19: Stay aware, stay safe!

We all are going through some really testing times! The COVID-19 pandemic that has been spreading like wildfire around us needs to be curbed as soon as possible and we need to do our bit. But with new facts and figures coming out every day, it often gets overwhelming as well. It is with consistent efforts that we can get success.

Doing our bit

COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease and the coronavirus can easily spread around by people who already have the virus. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, he throws out tiny droplets carrying the virus, out in the air. These droplets either directly land on the nose, mouth or eyes of the person nearby or are breathed in by them.

People can also get infected if they touch the infected droplets that land on the surfaces around and then touch their nose, mouth or eyes.

For the same reason, several advisories have been issued that suggest the following:

  • Maintain social distancing, i.e. avoid large groups and gatherings and maintain a distance of a meter while talking to someone.
  • Regularly wash your hands well with a good disinfectant soap for about 20 seconds.
  • You can also use alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Avoid touching the surfaces around and then touching your face with same hands.
  • Maintain cleanliness and keep surfaces around you clean.

And you can certainly not avoid the furnishings and beddings around you. Vacuum or wash them regularly and keep the germs away.

Even if you are looking for curtain installations, we are just a call away!

Precautions taken by the Al Nibras team during curtain installation at your home

Here are a few reasons why you should not have any apprehensions if you are contemplating to call the Al Nibras team to your home for the purpose of curtain installation during the post corona period:

  • We ensure that all our team members at Al Nibras that make it to your place are completely healthy.
  • Our work team at Al Nibras is well-informed about the current scenario of COVID-19 including the origin of the virus, its spread and definitely its prevention. They realize the seriousness of the issue and the importance of its prevention. For this reason, they willingly take up all the necessary precautions that will keep you and themselves safe.
  • They have been specially trained in hygienic respiratory practices, the right way to wash hands and also identify any symptoms of the disease.
  • They have been trained well to take all due precautions that are necessary to prevent the spread of the virus and protect themselves and others around them.
  • The team carries an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and uses it before and after the installation.
  • All the members of the team will cover their mouths with a mask and wear gloves to perform a no-contact installation. This means they will not touch any other surface around the area and perform efficiently in minimum time.

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