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5 Best Home Decorating Ideas

For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another; respond and balance one another’

Bringing life to the interiors of houses or rather homes, Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains Dubai offers the best solutions to enhance lifestyle without spending exorbitantly. The #1 destination offering holistic quick-fixes, the excellent team of designers, tailors and others ensure complete satisfaction in every project. This professionally run company has the widest range of curtains, carpets & flooring, blinds, sofa & upholstery, cushions, wallpapers, panel tracks, shutters and sunbed mattresses. From an exemplary collection of materials in multitude hues and styles to innovative ideas and techniques to enhance lifestyle, one can trust these experts in the field to deliver the best in every aspect!

Designing homes after consistent analyses of the demands and requirements of clients, selecting apt products to match the lifestyle and proffering matchless service, Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains is a class apart the others. The team suggests the following to brighten up the interiors of homes

  • Reflecting personal interests and tastes in the house makes it truly welcoming. Empty walls can be decorated to match one’s interests. Starting from the walls, lighter pale shades or darker bright colours, can be selected to paint it for that exclusive touch. Customizing the walls with large photographs or paintings, decorating the walls with wallpapers that mirrors one’s interest or installing a black & white photos in minimalist space stylizes the wall. The best curtain shop in Dubai, Al Nibras brings to life, the interests of the family
  • Creative use of draperies for doors or windows add a touch of cosiness and soft elegance interiors. Drapes in waves of fabric folds, combining various shades ranging from pale to dark or brighter ones bring in style and attention. Drapes soften light, absorb it while protecting homes from heat, cold and noise. Attractive room dividers in alluring shades, Innovative use of curtains to design functional and movable room partitions or dividers heighten the comfort of privacy. Amongst the various curtains Dubai offering a wide range of products, Al Nibras stays #1 supplier of topnotch products and the designers here deliver consistency.  Rain curtains and light window curtains are truly special. Fixing the ends of the curtain on parallel walls and hanging it close to the ceiling creates an illusion of a wall while being opaque, it welcomes traces of light. It should be a few inches above the ground so as to safe-guard it from dust and dirt and also prevent tripping. A pleasant addition in every room, the space consumed for it is minimal while privacy ensured is maximal.
  • Motorised curtains for style & functionality is an innovative idea. From creating an effortlessly smart home to exceptional convenience and multiple other positive benefits, these are indeed the best additions in every home. This advanced technological innovation makes operating it, opening and closing the sheers, totally untroublesome. The various innovative curtains offered by team Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains include ones that can be operated with a remote control; automatic window curtains that uses double automatic tracks and can be used to control the intensity of light and heat; motorized curtain track that enables one to control up to 15 different channels. It can be operated with a remote as well as manually and it comes with a built-in battery. The A-1 motorised curtain shop in Dubai, these experts bring brightness and comfort factors into one’s life and indoors
  • Windows, doors and ventilators can be draped in roller blinds to control light, enhance privacy, decorate interiors and to maintain energy efficiency. With the widest range of materials, colours, prints and styles of drapes offered in Al Nibras, the super roller blind shop in Dubai, this control system is magnificently appealing. The fabric of choice is wrapped around its casing and the roller is operated by a pull cord attached to the bottom or a side winding chain is attached to the blind casing. This brings a touch of sophistication and enlivens the space. One has multiple options to choose the fabric, colours
  • Carpets & sofas in matching or contrast shades, various styles and designs are a practical and inevitable addition in every home. Carpets are comforting for the soles, reduce noise, cushions falls and aid in energy saving. Sofas can be customized to heighten the style quotient without compromising on space. Al Nibras has the widest collection of both and it can be custom-made too by the experts here.

Designing and decorating interiors by the experts here amplifies the charm and comfort levels. These veterans believe that ‘As we evolve, our homes should too’. The best in everything they deal with Al Nibras Carpets & Curtains remains the numero uno destination for home/office decorating solutions

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