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10 Amazing & Stunning Curtain Designs and Window Treatment Ideas for Your Beautiful Living Room

Curtains are the soul of any room, letting in the sunshine while safe-guarding the privacy of people living there. From homes to office, commercial establishments to playpens, curtains enhance the style quotient without creating space constrictions.

We have specialists in the field offering their valuable inputs to recreate the style of every room. Al Nibras experts offer their insights to recreate moods through curtains and carpets. Specialists in this field since the past few years, this Dubai-based team offers consistency after thoroughly analyzing the requirements, ideas and demands of their clients. Living room- the place where every family enjoys their bonding, can be converted to a sprightly area with the right curtains replete with ideal colour combinations and distinctive style.

We suggest a few points to be considered to bring new dimensions to your living room, like the following

1. Heightening the beauty of the windows by highlighting the uniqueness using appropriate curtains gives it a sparkling makeover. Whatever be the type of your window-eyebrow window, fixed one, hexagonal one, single hung or double hung window, slash window, horizontal sliding one, casement window or awning window, Al Nibras can effortlessly recreate the charm of it using their special techniques and innovative ideas

2. Selecting the right material after analyzing the needs of the clients, budget and purpose, our team proffers the perfect solution. Window treatments using curtains, shades or blinds to increase privacy, conserve energy or amplify colours can effectively recharge the room. Our team with specialists in curtain stitching and installation deliver solutions ranging from sheers to ornate swag

3. Recreating Periods using curtains of different hues, pastel or vibrant ones, floral or chequered designs, lacy or velvetine can recreate magic of any era. Lighting plays an important role here and our experienced crew refurbishes the room living room to deliver results that far exceeds the demands of our clients

4. Enhancing murals and various art forms exhibited in the living room using curtains is no mean task for Al Nibras squad. They select every colour and material with utmost dedication to augment the power of displayed paintings, curios and other valuable things collected from the world over

5. Researching on the size of the windows/doors to bring new dimensions to the room after evaluating the play of light and climate and delivering curtains accordingly ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Every need of the hour is carefully evaluated to bring in the latest techniques. Our curtain shop is the best one in Dubai offering the widest range of solutions in every aspect and our customers can approach us without inhibitions.

6. Selecting the background is vital before renovating/refurbishing any room, let alone living room. It is proven that colour plays a vital role in illuminating a room or enlivening a space while it can also cause depression. So our experts discuss the various options with their clients before offering apt solutions to create positive, magical moments.

7. Combining seasoned colours/materials with innovative ones is what modernization is all about. While the materials like sheer curtains create a soothing effect, adding a dash of style using blinds, bright accessories or decorative second curtains can forge a dramatic makeover instantly.

8. Converting the living space to an atrium of life after considering the climatic conditions of the area using innovative technology and materials to compliment it is what our specialists do. Our team personally inspects the area and proffers solutions that can never go wrong. In areas where it is sunny and hot, we block it as required, using our specially created curtains/blinds.

9. Darker rooms or faded light or brighter living room our solutions based on your thoughts, ideas and requirements are simply the best! We have multitude solutions and being in sync with ideas and technology, we can deliver results that ensure total satisfaction

10. Easy maintenance is what we promise and with our team of experts eager to be of service, you can share your inhibitions and apprehensions with us without hesitations. Our solutions are not just customer-friendly and reliable, but are also the best in class

Al Nibras is the #1 dealer of curtains and soft furnishing materials offering topnotch solutions to enhance the charm of every room, at competitive price. With a team of curtain stitching and installation experts working hand in hand, you can be assured of exquisite workmanship in every assignment we commit to. Being the best curtain shop in Sharjah, our range of products, materials and solutions are the finest. Visit us to know more, interact with us to understand our expertise and give us a chance to enhance your space at competitive rates. The leading supplier of Roller Blinds in Dubai, our varieties of control systems are updated regularly to block out lights and enhance privacy without affecting the style quotient. Al Nibras has the best in class Motorized curtains in Dubai that can be controlled via the smartphone or remote. We are A-1 dealers and suppliers of Somfy® Motors too. It is the #1 strong, quiet motor with electronic and app controls for interior and exterior coverings of windows. The ultimate solution provider for all your curtain/blinds at budget-friendly rates, trust us to create magic. Our standards are nonpareil, contact us to know more.       

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